Cover-Tech Shelter Assemblies: 30 x 60 x two

canadian tire shelter logic replacement

Two Cover-Tech Shelters

In December, 2020 we installed two 30′ x 60′ Cover-Tech shelters at Pearson Airport. The shelters are intended for use with tractor trailers. To achieve greater height the shelters were installed on 3′ concrete blocks.

See the video below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How difficult is it to assemble a Cover-Tech shelter?

Assembly difficulty depends on: the size of the shelter, the equipment you have available and the weather. A larger shelter, (more than 20′ wide) will have heavier frame pieces and a heavier fabric to pull over the frame. A carport shelter can be assembled with 12′ step ladders and normal hand tools. A larger shelter job is made easier with a two man lift.

Although a shelter frame can be assembled on a windy day the job of pulling the fabric cover over the frame is harder and potentially dangerous in a high wind.

How many does it take to assemble a Cover-tech shelter?

A carport shelter can easily be assembled by two people in an afternoon. Larger shelters may require a crew of four.

What equipment will we need to assemble a Cover-Tech shelter?

Our crews normally use a two man lift, a scissor lift and a

cover-tech shelter assembly
Scissor Lift Used as a Work Platform.


Will we need a building permit?

If the shelter is deemed a “temporary” structure you will not likely need a building permit . But, if the local building inspector observes the structure still in place two years after it was assembled a permit may be required.

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