Ikea Furniture Assembly

Ikea Furniture Assembly
Reliable Ikea furniture assembly service
furniture assembly service ikea
Ikea furniture Assembly

Across Ontario, Fraser Assembly now does Ikea Furniture Assembly. These pictures are of an Ikea Sektion Grimslov laundry room wall unit.


The cabinets are mounted on the wall using drywall anchors and metal tracks. The cabinets are then screwed together for structural strength.


FORBATTRA cover panels are then carefully cut to fill around the wall unit. Decorative trim is added to the bottom of the cabinets (Hanging over the laundry machines). Doors and handles are then installed.



A hole is then cut in the back of the vanity to accommodate plumbing for a faucet and drain. 

The Vanity is now ready for a plumber to connect the laundry tub.

ikea furniture assembly
ikea furniture assembly service

Reliability is Key

The key to this service is reliability. Our technicians always arrive punctually at a customer’s home, properly equipped to do the job assigned. Ikea furniture assembly is an important part of our work.  We do it carefully.

Courtesy is Essential

We are guests in your home and treat your family and your property with every respect. 

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